Sustainable air-filtration

Sustainable air-filtration
Friendly Filtering Spider Plant---clippings of the hanging new generation can be planted to make more!


We are a design lab based in Joshua Tree, California. Our purpose is to:
1) Look at plants as technology but from a human and creative perspective
2) Pursue the potential many plant species have for removing toxins and adding moisture to the breathing zones in our homes, offices, clinical spaces, and commercial spaces.
3) Encourage the co-habitation of plants and humans.
4) Increase the appeal of incorporating plants into our living spaces by applying good, sustainable design principles to existing methods of keeping houseplants.
5) Personalize the breathing zones of individuals based on their environmental health concerns such as benzene or formaldehyde exposure.
6) Re-imagine the kitchen’s tea cupboard and spice rack as a living resource.
7) Re-imagine the bathroom’s medicine cabinet as a living resource offering safer, lasting, fresher, and more holistic alternatives to many of the commercial items that are conventionally stocked in medicine cabinets at home.
8) Critically engage the ways in which plants can be used for aesthetic purposes in interior design.

In this pursuit we are currently developing the following design lines:
“Sustainable Air Filtration”
“Sustainable Humidity Maintenance”
“Living Medical Resource”
“Living Kitchen Resource”
“Built-In and Mobile Terrarium Installations”
“Interior Desert-scaping”

Saturday, February 9, 2008

The yurt is up!

The hexayurt (made exlusively of Thermax insulation board, duct tape, and foil tape) has been constructed on the lawn of the arts center at Sarah Lawrence College in Bronxville, NY. It is already beginning to look like a a safe pod for a future inhabitant on the run from contaminated, unsafe areas. It is being tested under rain and snow for at least the next ten days.
You can be expecting to see pictures soon.

Coming up Soon:
1) The "Future Scenario" narrative based on extrapolations of the ways in which we do things today (social, political, and economic behavior patterns), technological development, and how the human body and everything else responds to human activities. The narrative is also based on imagery from dream and meditation and futurist novels, stories, comics, Manga, films, video games, and art.
2) Video: "Newsfeeds From the Future!"

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Cz said...

Incredible! Sacre Blue! Formidable! Zsa Zsu Pits! Tuttie La Frutie! Tropicana here we come. What a propitious scene/setting for future dysptopian travelogue. Fantastique. La Experimentrise-expeditionary-artiste-narrator poised in front of her genetic Wiki Wiki hut in tropicana sarong, sandy shore receeding to edge of aqua seas extending to horizon, azure skies above extending to infinity. Buon Viaggio, Laura!